Getting a company website in South Africa?
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To get to the first postion on Google you need a website, one that works and is Google marketing Friendly.


How to get a company website in South Africa

Register a Domain name: Since a website is reflective of a business and its owner, choose a name that is unique and represents your business identity. You may need to spend some time in finding a domain name that is both available and synonymous with the nature of your business as well.

Select a Hosting Service: Now that you have a domain name, you need to host your business website to get your own ‘space’. Depending on whether you want your site to be simple or elaborate, you can opt for an appropriate hosting space that suits your needs.

Get a Website Designed: You now need a website designer who will devise your website as per your specifications. Hire a professional web designer who is capable of portraying your business aptly to clients.
Create Website Content: Your business website requires content that communicates the right message to your clients. Seek the services of a professional writer who can create content that converts potential customers into clients.

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Affordable Internet marketing in South Africa

Internet marketing offers an opportunity to small and medium businesses to compete with larger competitors. This is because internet marketing, when properly planned and implemented, can be far more beneficial than marketing through conventional media like TV, radio, newspapers and outdoor marketing.

There are various affordable internet marketing solutions available to businesses that are on a tight budget. Some start-up businesses try to explore internet marketing on their own. However, this strategy is not recommended to all, as you may end up spending whatever money you have without gaining significant returns.

Businesses in South Africa have a great option of choosing an internet marketing partner in the form of Ipcoweb. Ipcoweb is a premier internet advertising firm that offers affordable solutions for South African businesses and professionals.

Internet marketing has certain benefits that no other media can match, such as:

  • Ability to reach global audience: Internet marketing has helped millions of small businesses expand their reach beyond local markets and access other regions of the country, as well as the world.
  • Ability to sell 24/7: Internet marketing  helps you sell your products and services any time of the day without any significant increase in costs. This means there is an increased chance of customers buying from you, since they can do so at their own convenience.
  • Most cost-effective medium: Traditional media like TV and radio are very expensive. Most of the small business can not afford to advertise on them. Marketing on the internet is the best option for such businesses.
  • Ability to monitor efficacy: Internet marketing can be easily monitored, which makes it easier to gauge performance. This ensures that any deviations from desired results are quickly detected and changes can be made accordingly.

Internet marketing is a boon for small businesses as it offers a splendid opportunity for them to grow on a small budget and effectively promote their products and services in the market.

Using SMS & MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service Marketing in South Africa
Most businesses in South Africa are aware of the fact that mobile phone marketing offers great returns on investment. However, it is a misconceived notion that mobile marketing solely refers to sending text messages to prospective and existing clients.This held true till a few years ago, and almost every business wanted to include SMS marketing in their marketing plan. However, with the multimedia feature becoming common in most cell phones, multimedia messaging service or MMS marketing is fast becoming a preferred mode of mobile marketing.

MMS promotions allow businesses to send content to customers through video, audio, images, and slideshows. In some mobile networks, businesses have the facility to sponsor a multimedia message that is sent from one person to another.
Due to the rich quality of content and advanced user experience, MMS marketing often delivers much better results than SMS marketing or other traditional marketing channels. Also, since it is one of the latest forms of marketing media, MMS marketing has been able to generate a lot of excitement among the customers.

Effective Ways of Using SMS, MMS, and Web Technology to Grow Your Business
Technology has made it feasible for business owners to communicate with prospective clients across the globe. At the same time, it is important to use tools like SMS marketing, MMS marketing, and web marketing cleverly so that they don’t just reach the right person, but also leave a lasting impression on his/her mind.

Using SMS, MMS, and web marketing efficiently
The following are some tips that can help boost your business growth:

Though SMS, MMS and web marketing are newer media channels, there are many small businesses that have used these tools to successfully carve a niche for themselves. Take time to learn from the real life experiences of others and imbibe what you can from them.

Educate yourself and gauge how mobile and web marketing can work best for your business. This does not mean you need to delve deep into the details and become well-versed with programming; rather, all you need to do is to understand the steps involved.

Monitor your geographical market, customer behavior and competition. This will help you devise a foolproof strategy.
There is a tendency amongst small businesses to try and do everything themselves. This can lead to wasteful expenditure and loss of focus from the main business activities. Outsource marketing activities to qualified specialists to ease your burden.

Starting small is advisable in this regard, so you can test the waters and evaluate the efficacy of these tools over time.

Use Your Website and E-Commerce to Create Market Access
Irrespective of the fact that you are a small, medium or large business owner, you aspire to acquire the largest share of market that holds selling potential for your specific products and services.  In the process, you may find yourself questioning about the need to set up a website and how it can benefit you.

Creating market access for one’s business using a website and e-commerce
In order to allow your business to grow in leaps and bounds, you have to let it access the market out there. A conventional shop, in spite of setting it up at the most bustling corner of the city, can never bring in as many customers as an e-commerce website can. It actually helps you to reach out the global audience who are possibly looking for the product or service you are selling.

Moreover when you are trying to sell something, you need to build up brand recognition which is easily possible with an e-commerce website. You are free to feature all items that your store holds; so that customers can browse through them and purchase without any hassle. It not only creates enough market access for your business but also enhances your reputation.

Benefits of an e-commerce website   
You are free to sell all your real and virtual products via a website. Buyers and visitors can find details about the products and for any future query; they can contact you online, which is the cheapest mode of communication. Hence the website serves as an identity and selling arena for your business. In order to help your international customers to shop from your online store, you need to set up e-commerce applications like a shopping cart.

Looking at the growing popularity of hassle-free online shopping, it is anticipated that soon an e-commerce website will become indispensible for any entrepreneur who has big plans to be accomplished in terms of profit and revenue. To get the best website and e-commerce solution for your business, contact our highly experienced Ipcoweb consultants today.

Start Selling Your Products Online With a Shopping Cart Website

You may already know what an online shopping cart is if the sale of products and services is facilitated on your site. However, if you don’t, the following material could prove useful to you.

Creating a shopping cart website
Shopping cart software is a set of scripting instructions that allows individuals to shop online with ease and records every item a user selects for purchase till he/she ‘checks out’.

Though it plays an important part in monetary transactions, it is not directly involved with the same. Shopping cart software merely collects payment details from a user and sends it to a payment gateway through a safe connection layer.

Shopping carts play an essential role in recording user selected products, shipping charges, price calculation, and discount calculation. As a site owner, you are provided with a supervision panel where you can alter the preferences and features of this software.

There are many shopping cart applications obtainable in the market. Though the accessibility is good, you should therefore be careful about picking your software. It should be user-friendly, bug free, and customizable.

How you can get a shopping cart website?
If you have done online shopping earlier, you may be already familiar with the process. However, not many know how to go about managing these programs on their sites. Though shopping cart software of different varieties is not too hard to obtain in many computer and online stores, you need to make sure you pick select the one that is correct for you.

Shopping cart software must ideally have all the characteristics you are looking for to make the product or service transactions trouble-free for your clients. To meet this need, Ipcoweb uses its vast experience to help small businesses cater to their clients by offering affordable shopping cart packages.

Understanding Mobile Marketing and Internet Marketing

Since the advent of internet technology in the 90s, marketing over the internet has become a popular way of reaching global audience. There are people who spend more time surfing the internet than watching television. America and the European and Asian counterparts are catching up slowly to the internet craze and that is providing a great boost to the advocates of internet marketing from South Africa.

But yes, when internet marketing is at its peak, we still cannot ignore one specific form of marketing that is mobile marketing. What is mobile marketing by the way? The word ‘Mobile’ stands for moving. Well, in that case, marketing on the move is called mobile marketing and SMS marketing is an important part of it.

The only problem with this sort of marketing is the level of authenticity. However we want to rebuff it, internet marketing and mobile marketing comes with a major problem that is spamming.

Tips for effective mobile marketing in South Africa
The penetration of mobile phones in both urban and rural populations has been astounding. Not only have cellphones changed the way we communicate, but they have also created a huge impact on the way we conduct business.

Mobile marketing is fast becoming an integral part of many marketing campaigns in most countries, and South Africa is no exception.

Here are some tips for effective mobile marketing:
Build a Quality Database: The success of mobile marketing is hugely dependant on the quality of your customer database. It is vital that you take utmost care while creating your database and make sure you only reach out to customers most likely to stick with your product/service.

Know Your Limits: It is easy to go overboard when you have access to a powerful tool like mobile marketing. However, if you use this medium too often, you stand a risk of being considered a spammer, and your plan may simply backfire.

Deliver Value: Mobile users are usually very busy, so any offer you want to communicate to them should matter in some way. Therefore, always make it a point to adjudge how your offer can benefit a customer.

Don’t Complicate: Whether it is in the form of voice, text or web, your message should be concise, and yet communicate your message without any ambiguity. Short and sweet is the mantra here.

Follow marketing etiquettes: Do not communicate with customers or send them messages at odd hours- and do not send them too often. Instead, encourage feedback when you can to further hone your mobile marketing campaigns.

Online directories in South Africa

What are online directories?
Online directory submission is usually free, and is the most reasonable link building system. For most online marketers, it is amongst the most commonly techniques of building back links. For those who are not aware about this procedure, it centers on web site submission as opposed to search engine submissions where you can only submit your web site to online web directories.

Benefits of online directory submission
Website submission to online directories has many benefits, namely:
Making your presence felt: Submission to online directories provides back links to your website. To support your website, you need to get as many back links as you can. The more directories you get listed on, the more your site gains, since you will attract more visitors online.

Racing to the lead in search engine ranking: Online directory submissions amount to numerous back links to your web site. The more the back links, the higher your search engine rankings. Better ranking on search engines is extremely significant, because this is the one area that can get you lots of new visitors. Search engines also prefer online directories themselves.

High potential traffic: Web site submission to an online directory is as good as getting many visitors to a shop in a bustling marketplace, since your chances of getting new customers increases. A visitor who comes across your site via an online directory is more interested in your services and products, and therefore, the chances of generating sales are significantly higher.

Standing out from the crowd: In a highly competitive market, you need to be one step ahead of your rivals. Online directory submissions enable prospective buyers to gauge your potential and offerings for themselves.

When you think of the benefits of submitting your website to online directories, you must also consider the cons of not listing your site on such portals. You could wind up being just another face in the crowd- which is equivalent to having a showroom without the lights turned on. Ipcoweb with its wide experience can help you submit your website in the right online directories to help you get qualified traffic to your website.