Content creation is the route from which all content originates, and includes text, video, audio, animation, infographics and more.

Why is content so important?

Content is the center point of any website – it’s what websites rely on to be relevant, and it’s what users look for when browsing. It is also what search engines “read” to rank your website. In the online space, more than ever before, it is safe to say that content truly is king!

Animation and video (multimedia)

Motion graphics and video are the future of content delivery. So much more information can be delivered per second via video and audio than anything else. On top of this, the second largest search engine in the world to Google, is YouTube, which is why animation and video are so powerful. Be careful not to dilute your message by having a less-than-professional offering.

Written content

Written content is the basis of all of the information on the internet. It needs to be well thought out, written at a level of English that it can be understood by everyone, (measured on the Fleish-Kincaid Readabiliy Test) and in an SEO-friendly format. Written content gives you an opportunity to increase your reach, by introducing new ideas and keywords to your website in and around the key topic of the website. It is also a measurement that search engines use to send their bots to trawl your website. When a website becomes stagnant, search engines no longer trawl sites, and your ranking will likely drop.

What about small industries with only a few topics?

It’s safe to assume that there is a limited amount of content that an be written about some things, which is why it is important to adopt a strategy of content diversification. Good content writers will look at peripheral topics that are relevant to the key topic to expand on.

What about specialty topics?

You know your product better than anyone. Having said that, it’s unlikely that you will have the time or inclination to create a 300-word post about it, three or four times a month. This is why it is important to develop a  relationship with professionals that make the effort to understand your product and industry, to best serve your requirements.