Understand Our Space

Ipcoweb Digital FAQ'sThe internet can be an intimidating place, with complicated lingo and complex ideas. We have tried to simplify the process here, by explaining in layman terms the various questions we get asked. We trust that with a better understanding of our space, we will be able to interact with our clientelle on a higher level, which in turn will make our services more comprehensible and compelling.

If you have a question that doesn’t appear here, be sure to let us know, and we will rectify it.

WooCommerce is the official e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for online merchants using the WordPress platform.

When you look at any Search Engine Results page, you are likely to see the top and bottom four results have the prefix “AD”. This indicates that those results are paid for, based on or around the keywords you have searched for. When one of these are clicked, a small amount of money will be taken off their Advert Account. This principal is Pay-Per-Click marking.

Wordpress Development IconWordPress is an Online Content Management System (CMS) that has become one of the most popular platforms upon which websites and blogs can be built.

It is principally a free solution, with a massive amount of plugin upgrades that can be added to give your website almost any functionality you could ever wish for. We build a lot of websites on WordPress, making use of premium templates and plugins that are tried and trusted. Its a very stable platform to build on, while still being easy to updated and upgraded.


Responsive Design IconStatistics show more and more that web browsing starts on a mobile device, like a smart phone or a tablet, on then moves to a desktop machine if and when required. A few years ago, people had customized websites specifically built to cater for this requirement, but these days, we build our websites to be automatically responsive. When people browse our websites, content shift around to respond to the dimensions and requirements of the device being used to browse from.

If your website is not mobile responsive, it can lead to your site being skipped over in favour of a responsive website, by a potential client.

Lets begin with the basics.

Your domain is the name by which your website will be found on the world wide web. Take for example, this website. Our domain name is ‘ipcowebdigital‘ and the suffix ‘.co.za’ is one of many Top Level Domains.

Other examples of top level domains are:

  • .com
  • .co.za
  • .net
  • .org
  • .org.za
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .co.uk
  • .de
  • .eu
  • .mobi
  • .co
  • .cc
  • .tv
  • .capetown
  • .durban
  • .joburg
  • .africa

Top Level Domain tips

Many times, by defining and ring-fencing your domain to a specific top level domain, it assists Google in ranking your website. For example, if you are a plumbing business in johannesburg, a suitable top level domain would be ‘.co.za’ but a ‘.joburg’ could be a better option in terms of Google ranking your site against your competition.

Sometimes the domain name you have your heart set on is unavailable. It might be worth trying other another top level domain when searching, as many times the ‘.com’ domain has been taken, but the ‘.co.za’ is still available.

We use the ZACR (ZA Central Registry) to search for available domains in the following Top Level Domain categories:

  • .co.za
  • .net.za
  • .org.za
  • .web.za
  • .africa
  • .capetown
  • .durban
  • .joburg

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