Small Business Internet MarketingSmall business internet marketing is aimed specifically at getting your small or medium enterprise out there and swimming with the big fish in the pond. With the right small business internet marketing and SEO strategy you can do exactly that and much more…

So what is SEO and why is small business internet marketing in general an advantage to my smaller undertaking? Firstly, SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is simply making you more visible on a Google search results page through the creation of relevant content and other functions such as:

  • Reviewing your site structure and content or creating one for you if you do not have one.
  • Technical advice.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO training.
  • Market and geography-specific expertise.

The refined approach that SEO can offer you in terms of searches that pertain particularly to you and your location or business nature means that there is no difference between you and your big rival on the internet. SEO gives small businesses the internet marketing edge, so that you can implement the same strategies the market dominators do and still appear on a page one search result. This is probably the biggest advantage to small businesses that make use of this tactic. However, with other online marketing strategies such as paid advertising and display promoting, other advantages arise that are linked to the nature of the internet itself.

You may have excluded certain techniques from your budget because it is limited, but in the competitive corporate environment, can you really afford to lose out on the following advantages?

  1. Cost: Electronic communication reduces the cost of display advertising, and it is more effective (with more returns) than other media.
  2. Measurability: You can gauge the effectiveness of your efforts far more efficiently than when you hand out a flyer or create a streetlight advertisement. This includes being able to determine where a visit came from and how many clicks you are receiving.
  3. Formatting: Especially with the SEO side of small business internet marketing, formatting of your site and content is very important. In addition, online advertising is far more interactive than any other approach.
  4. Targeting: You can reach customisable and narrow market segments with targeted advertising and optimising your site for the purpose. Again, geographical and market expertise are key factors here.
  5. Coverage: The internet can reach a global market of billions of potential customers without increasing the costs. With other advertising, the costs increase with the coverage.
  6. Speed: Google produces its search results within an eighth of a second. This means that once a particular portion of your site or advertising is complete and uploaded, it can be visible to the world in the time frame of one search.

Small business internet marketing has to be undertaken with an ongoing, long-term approach because keeping up is always better than catching up. However, if you have realised that you have come catching up to do, why not implement your content management strategy right away?