• What do you know about LinkedIn?

    What do you know about LinkedIn?

    Why you should be on LinkedIn when you’re not looking for a job Everyone knows that if you’re looking for a job or recruiting for one, LinkedIn is the place to go. Being around since 2003, LinkedIn has proved its longevity in the fickle social media space. And the secret to its sustained success is not based…

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  • The Business of Social Media and Twitter Marketing.

    Many people believe that social media is a platform for communication between friends, but the truth is that social media could be a huge opportunity for marketing your business- completely free of charge! The business of social media is constantly growing and is showing no evidence of slowing down. It makes sense to take advantage…

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  • Facebook Marketing

    Promote Your Business – Learn to do Facebook Marketing Social media is definitely becoming one of the easiest, most convenient ways to promote your business. Learning how to facebook could put you a good few steps ahead of your competition. Creating a Facebook page for business is really easy and we here at Ipcoweb are…

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Let’s face it- we are all slaves to social media! For most of us, not a day goes by that we don’t check our Facebook accounts or update our Twitter accounts with new tweets, profile pictures etc. This is why marketing on social media is becoming the number one way in which to get the…

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