• Unlocking Success: The Power of an Effective SEO Strategy

    Unlocking Success: The Power of an Effective SEO Strategy

    Hey there, digital trailblazers! Today, let’s delve into the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and uncover why having a killer strategy is your ticket to dominating the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Why You Need an SEO Strategy Think of SEO as your digital compass—it guides potential customers straight to your doorstep. Without a…

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  • Demystifying Search Engine Results: The Power of SEO in Achieving Page 1, Position 1

    Demystifying Search Engine Results: The Power of SEO in Achieving Page 1, Position 1

    Hey there, fellow digital marketers and business owners! Today, let’s unravel the mystery behind search engine results and how mastering SEO can catapult your business to the coveted spot: page 1, position 1. Understanding Search Engine Results Ever wondered how Google magically pulls up the perfect answers to your queries in a split second? That’s…

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  • Embrace the Power of Google Reviews for Your Business

    Embrace the Power of Google Reviews for Your Business

    Hey there, digital enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into a topic that’s crucial for every modern business: Google reviews. As a digital marketing specialist at Ipcoweb Digital, I can’t stress enough how valuable these little nuggets of customer feedback can be for our business, and for yours too! What Are Google Reviews? First off, Google reviews…

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  • What is Google My Business?

    What is Google My Business?

    Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google that allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google’s various platforms, including Search and Maps. It’s more than just a listing; it’s a dynamic platform where you can showcase essential information about your business, engage with customers, and attract new ones. Key Features of…

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  • Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

    Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

    Hey there, fellow small business owners! Running a small business in today’s hyper-competitive market isn’t easy. We’ve all faced the challenge of trying to stand out among the big players, with their deep pockets and extensive resources. That’s where digital marketing swoops in to save the day—and your bottom line. Leveling the Playing Field Digital…

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  • What are Top Level Domains?

    What are Top Level Domains?

    Here is a list of some common top-level domains (TLDs), categorized by their purpose or geographic association: Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs): South African Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs): South African Sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLDs): Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs): New Generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs): These are just a selection of the many TLDs available…

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  • Unveiling the Power of SEO: Why Every Business Needs It

    Unveiling the Power of SEO: Why Every Business Needs It

    In the vast digital landscape where countless websites vie for attention, standing out is not just desirable; it’s essential. Imagine having a beautifully designed website, offering top-notch products or services, but not getting the visibility it deserves. That’s where the magic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. In today’s blog post, we’ll delve…

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  • Does google still use page keywords

    Does google still use page keywords

    Google’s approach to keywords has evolved over the years. In the past, including specific keywords in meta tags and content was a significant factor in SEO. However, Google’s algorithms have become much more sophisticated. While keywords still play a role in SEO, Google now places greater emphasis on the overall quality, relevance, and authority of…

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  • Internet Marketing Services in Service of Your Business

    Welcome to Ipcoweb, where we would like to tell you about Internet marketing services in service of your business. When it comes to marketing on the Internet, you can get your business’ name out there. Here at Ipcoweb, we can provide you with Internet marketing services that aim to do just that, but for now we would like to provide you…

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  • What do you know about LinkedIn?

    What do you know about LinkedIn?

    Why you should be on LinkedIn when you’re not looking for a job Everyone knows that if you’re looking for a job or recruiting for one, LinkedIn is the place to go. Being around since 2003, LinkedIn has proved its longevity in the fickle social media space. And the secret to its sustained success is not based…

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  • Small Business Tips

    Small Business Tips

    Tips for starting an e-commerce business in South Africa Scopes to expand a business broadens when you exploit the global arena of World Wide Web. Internet has been marked as one of the main sources of income across the world. How can the ambitious people of South Africa lag behind? They too are selling online!…

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  • Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make On Your Website

    Welcome to the 21st century. You need a website for your company. When building your website, these are Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make On Your Website. Don’t feel too alone in this. Even though we have already moved into the 21st century, there are still millions of companies out there who have no idea…

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  • Quotation FAQ’s

    The IPCOWEB DIGITAL team is confident that we can deliver your responsive website to your expectations and we would be delighted to work with you on this project, assuring a development of the highest quality. Ipcoweb incorporate the latest web best practice making use of responsive web design (RWD) as well as Search engine optimisation (SEO),…

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  • What A Search Engine Wants

    In order to optimize your website you need to ask the question, “what do search engines want?”  Search engines use algorithms, and sometimes human intervention, to determine the pages displayed in their search results. Intentionally getting those pages to rank is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Now you ask well, what is SEO? SEO and…

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  • Social Media Marketing is Essential – Google Plus

    In order to keep your business ahead of its competition, social media marketing is a must. What is social media? Social media includes websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus where one can interact with friends, meet new people and keep up to date with one’s favourite businesses and other interests. Social media is basically…

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  • How to WOW With Your Small Business Internet Marketing

    Small business internet marketing has in recent years become a useful tool for you as a small business to use in your marketing strategy. Small business internet marketing gives small businesses the edge to compete in a world otherwise dominated by large brands. With the internet, the world is your oyster… So, what makes a small business’ internet marketing strategy any…

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  • Online Advertising is the way to go

    Online advertising is just one way of relieving the pressure of being able to market you small business in the most effective way possible. Advertising is such a powerful tool and if you contact IPCOWEB for all your online advertising you will be most impressed at how quickly your small business will grow. Don’t be…

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  • Marketing on Twitter

    The Business of Social Media and Marketing on Twitter Many people believe that social media is a platform for communication between friends, but the truth is that social media could be a huge opportunity for marketing your business- completely free of charge! The business of social media is constantly growing and is showing no evidence…

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  • Internet Marketing and the Journey of Self Discovery

    What exactly is Internet marketing or search engine optimization and how could that possibly relate to a journey of self-discovery? What I can do is relate my journey into the world of SEO, which began many years ago under the premises that I wanted to the website on page 1 of Google? I had worked…

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  • Small Business Tips

    Tips for starting a small business in South Africa and getting onto Google. Every one wants to be free, Google can help make your dreams come true if you can get you found on google you can make your new business grow beyond your wildest dreams. Small business tips Tips for starting an e-commerce business…

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