Did you know that using social media as a marketing strategy could result in the generation of hordes of new clients? It’s true. Think about it… as a business owner, which would you choose to do? Hand out flyers on a deserted road, or hand out flyers on the busiest road in town? Obviously the busiest road, right? Why? Because the key to a successful business is notifying as many people as possible about what you can do for them.

Nowadays, where do people spend the majority of their time? Online! That is why social media as a marketing strategy is an invaluable tool to the businesses of today. The business of social media is ever-growing, so why not embrace it!

One of the latest and greatest developments is definitely that of social media. But what is social media and how can it be used to market your business? Social media includes websites like Facebook and Twitter where one can interact with friends, meet new people and keep up to date with one’s favourite businesses and other interests. Social media is basically a platform for communication- for both business and leisure!

Here at Ipcoweb, we are a SEO company that can assist you with your strategy for social media and help you with successful marketing on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Here are a few Free Social Media Tips to help make using social media as a marketing tool simpler for you:

  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 1: Make sure that all your necessary business information is included in your social media pages and profiles. Contact numbers are essential! Potential clients don’t want to have to search for information about your business- if they can’t see the information that they are looking for immediately, they may bypass your social media page completely.
  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 2: Social media marketing is only effective if you post and interact regularly.
  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 3: Make all new posts on your social media pages interesting. You don’t want to drive away potential new clients with dull, uninspiring posts- or worse, bore your already existing clients.
  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 4: Interact. Social media marketing is all about making yourself heard. Talk to clients, talk to potential clients, talk to other businesses- just be an active user of the social media & marketing site. Get the word of your company out there!
  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 5: Make use of the special features provided by each social media website. ‘Like’ on Facebook, ‘Follow’ on twitter, and ‘Plus 1’ on Google Plus! These features can help you to build a good base of followers.
  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 6: Know the type of clients that you cater for. Keep in mind that when you post on your social media page, you are posting to interest them and attract them. For example, if you are a company that publishes a teen magazine, posting about the exchange rate fluctuations is definitely not going to interest your target audience!
  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 7: Let your potential clients know exactly what it is that you can offer them. For example, just saying that you sell foot cream is not enough- you need to provide them with important details and say that you sell foot cream that can help heel and improve the look of cracked heels, neutralise odour and help to keep feet looking gorgeous all year round.
  • Social Media & Marketing Tip 8: Be aware of your competitions’ strategy for social media. Being able to beat your competitions’ social media & marketing efforts is important.

Marketing on Social Media

Now that you know the benefits of marketing on social media, you will be able to take advantage of the business of social media & marketing. If your company simply doesn’t have the time for marketing on social media, then get in touch with Ipcoweb. We can help you to improve your company website’s SEO and assist you with your strategy for social media & marketing. When it comes to marketing on social media, we are the true experts.

Author: Bianca Marie Delport


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