ABC Marketing StratedgiesWelcome to Ipcoweb, where we would like to tell you about Internet marketing services in service of your business. When it comes to marketing on the Internet, you can get your business’ name out there.

Here at Ipcoweb, we can provide you with Internet marketing services that aim to do just that, but for now we would like to provide you with some information about Internet marketing.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Internet marketing services, answered:

  • Firstly, what are Internet marketing services? As you probably well know Internet marketing, in simplest terms, refers to marketing and advertising activities centred on the mass medium that is the Internet. Internet marketing services then refer to services related to maximising the efficiency of a business’ marketing efforts.
  • What do Internet marketing services encompass? Internet marketing encompasses everything from advertising, to direct marketing, to blogging and everything in between. Services related thereto ensure that each one of these marketing efforts contribute to and uphold the overall marketing strategy of the company.
  • How should an Internet marketing plan be set up? A comprehensive Internet marketing plan and service would have to make use of the WWW (World Wide Wed) and e-mail marketing, as well as other new media technologies – such as text message marketing, blogging and social networking.
  • What is Internet marking, as opposed to Internet advertising? Advertising, as per the name, refers to online advertisements. Such may include banners, pop-ups, sponsored links, embedded images and so much more. Internet marketing refers to an integrated marketing campaign, and is about the overarching marketing strategy. In simplest terms, advertising is but one element of a marketing strategy. Internet marketing services are about much more than advertising, and comprise a number of strategies – including e-mail newsletters and referral marketing, to name but two.
  • How does one get one’s business to show up on search engines? To have one’s website seen by the likes of Google it needs to be indexed. To get your website indexed regularly, you need to keep adding new keyword-rich text articles. Regular updating of your website content – in a Search Engine Optimized manner – is of key importance. Google ranking pages are constantly changing, so to get up there, you need to stay current as well. For more about this element, out key Internet marketing service, please do ask us.

Lastly, we have some top tips for you, from a technical perspective:

  • A good domain name needs to be chosen
  • Each page has on one’s website should have its own set of META keywords and description (Keywords should be around ten and must be found on the page)
  • Spaces in the URL page names should indicated by a dash (This is the best way to indicate a space)
  • HTML heading tags should be utilised
  • Anchors should descriptive and have text in the title property
  • Images should have text in the alt property.

If you are not a technical whiz-kid, not to worry, you can contact us today to find out more about the above and Internet marketing services as a whole.