How to Profit From Internet & Mobile Marketing for Your Business

Internet marketing is the procedure of growing, building, as well as promoting a business by any or all forms of online activity like websites, blogs, email marketing, article marketing, and online advertising. On the whole, internet marketing is a cheap way to reach a targeted audience, and is particularly beneficial for small companies.

Benefits of internet and mobile marketing

  • Convenience and Availability: People have the ability to check out your site and buy goods from your site as per their convenience. Online marketing reaches a universal customer base- something that is not possible with conventional advertising.
  • Cost: Promotional space on the net is inexpensive when compared to print, TV or radio marketing.
  • Tracking: With internet advertising, you can measure statistics reasonably. Tracking can be accomplished by simply utilizing the necessary software, which then allows you to focus on ad placements.

Mobile marketing is another dynamic marketing channel that can get you the traffic, clients and earnings you are looking for. It has been forecasted that over the next three years, more than half the present internet users in South Africa will be accessing the web through mobiles and handheld devices.

Mobile marketing makes room for ample interaction and relationship building with your customers, though not through constant bombardment to your buyers via SMS advertising messages.

Mobile websites and applications help business people reach out to a larger target base, more so since the competition in the mobile direct advertising arena is reasonably low.

Over four billion people in the world own mobile phones, and this figure is growing steadily. This means there are nearly 5 times more mobile phone users than laptop and PC owners. Go figure.

How Ipcoweb can help with internet & mobile marketing?

Ipcoweb’s core focus is to help small to intermediate enterprises market their businesses efficiently, sell their products on time, and gather and allocate payments flawlessly.