When it comes to using the internet as a marketing tool, one of the most important aspects is that of SEO, or search engine optimisation. What is SEO? Although SEO is quite complex, its goal is not. SEO is a technique that will make it possible for your business website to start ranking higher in the search results provided by search engines such as Google.

What is the best place to hide a dead body? On the second page of Google!

This joke is a real hit in the SEO/internet marketing world. Why? Because practically nobody ever looks on page 2 of Google! Because of this, if you are ranked on page one, you have a much greater chance of stacking up more website hits and, therefore, more customers. More customers equal higher profits. Higher profits equal greater success. In short, SEO equals GOLD.

So how do I implement SEO?

In order to fully grasp the concept of SEO, and therefore the process of using the internet as a marketing tool, you need to understand the following:

  • How to design a website: You need to know how to work with the technical side of your company website, as well as being able to design a website that is eye-catching and appropriate for your target market.
  • How to write creative, interesting and relevant content: the key to great SEO is excellent content. Always remember that it is not only the search engines that will be sifting through your content, but that actual people who could potentially be interested in your business will be reading it, too.
  • How to do keyword research: the cornerstone of SEO is that of keywords. Understanding how to select the best keywords is a skill that will help you to rank higher, faster.
  • How to write content that is keyword rich and yet still comprehensive and exciting: keep your keyword density to about 8% and ensure that all content is original and informative.
  • How the search engine algorithm works: understanding how search engines rank websites is imperative if you wish to improve the ranking of YOUR website
  • What the search engines look for: This changes on a regular basis, so it is important for you to always be up to date.
  • What not to do in terms of SEO: learning how to avoid using black hat SEO techniques (unethical techniques and tricks that can get you ranking faster, however, are banned by Google) will keep your website ‘pure’ and ranking as high as possible.

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