The main method of increasing webpage ranking is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO and Social media optimization working hand in hand, can be an extremely resourceful way of creating backlinks to your website. The art of how to build one way backlinks, using free article marketing as a base, is the heart of most successful marketing campaigns that result in increased webpage ranking. Learning to build one way backlinks without an SEO expert, is time consuming and difficult.

Backlinking Explained

More backlinks on your website not only elevates your webpage ranking status, it also means attracting more visitors to your site. Higher the links means higher the chances of a successful online campaign. Free article marketing is one powerful method to build one way backlinks, and here are a few considerations when considering free article marketing.

Free article marketing is marketing your target audience via articles for free.

  • Write articles in a professional manner, ensuring relevance to your target market. Use relevant keywords and phrases and submit them to one of the many sites which use free content.
  • Make sure to build a couple of one way backlinks in your articles that take you back to your own website and thereby increase your webpage ranking.
  • Free article marketing value increases greatly if readers are lured to click on the links in your article thereby taking them to your site thereby elevating your webpage ranking.
  • Availability on free sites could also push other webmasters to publish your article on their own sites and if they are not unscrupulous and have deleted your name, you may then get some recognition.
  • Once submitted and indexed, search engine crawling becomes effective. Make sure the articles are correctly indexed on the submission sites.

Webpage ranking using free article submission can seem like a tedious process. Here are some tips to make it a bit more appealing, but ultimately it is always best to leave it to the professionals like Ipcoweb Digital.

  • Directory selection. It is vital to choose the right combination of article directories sorted by PR.
  • Make absolutely certain that you have the facility to build one way backlinks in these directories.
  • Tracking of article submissions regularly and not repeating the same directory again, is the essence of free article marketing.
  • Learning the best method to build one way backlinks to boost traffic and improve rankings has become a necessity today.

Learning to build one way backlinks to bring in many more readers to your articles is the most effective way to drive traffic to your website. The more the websites are linked to your articles, the more will be your popularity. Also, automated article submission has a definitive edge over manual article submission.


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