One of the latest and greatest developments is that of social media. But what is social media and how can it be used to market your business? Social media includes websites like Facebook and Twitter where one can interact with friends, meet new people and keep up to date with one’s favourite businesses and other interests. Social media is basically a platform for communication- for both business and leisure!

So how does social media & marketing work together? As mentioned before, social media includes the websites that are used for communication. This means that it is the perfect place for you to include valuable information about your business, as well as its products/services. When a person researches a certain product/service that you provide and they come across your website, the fact that you use social media & marketing on social media will instantly grab that potential client’s attention. Social media & marketing on social media ‘humanises’ your business and makes the potential client feel familiar and at ease. Interaction with clients and up to date information is always a plus when it comes to great business practice.

Here at Ipcoweb, we are an SEO company that can assist you with social media & marketing strategies. Social media & marketing on social media increases your sphere of influence and gives you the opportunity to increase the reach of your business. At Ipcoweb, we believe that when it comes to a successful business, it’s not who you know, but who knows of you. Social media & marketing on social media will make more people aware of your company’s existence and aware of the specific services and products that you have on offer.  What is social media? It is the key to increasing the reach and influence of your business!

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Social Media Marketing is the Answer

One of the top reasons to utilise social media as a marketing strategy? Your competition is using it, too! If you want to stay ahead of your competition, then social media marketing is the key! Marketing on social media is an easy process; however, it can be time consuming. In order to utilise social media as a marketing tool efficiently, you need to post interesting, new information, and you need to post it regularly. Here at Ipcoweb, we create new content for your website in order to increase hits by means of SEO strategies and techniques. We can also assist you with the re-creation or design of your site while at the same time, assisting you with your marketing on social media and company blogging.

Social media marketing is the answer to a balanced, customer-friendly business. Social media marketing is the advertising technique that will secure you loyal customers. Interaction is what builds relationships- in both the social AND business environments. How can you expect to maintain and generate new customers if you don’t interact with them? Social media as a marketing tool will help customers to relate to you and this, in turn, will make it easier to nurture and maintain your customer base while, at the same time, adding to it as well!

Google Plus Marketing and Social Media

Ensuring that your website is Google-friendly and SEO’d, while at the same time ensuring that your marketing on social media is of great quality, is what we at Ipcoweb do best. Blogging and marketing on social media is a necessity because social media is where your clients and potential clients spend much of their time. Exposure of your business is optimised when using social media as a marketing strategy. For social media marketing to be effective, you need to keep the client in mind at all times. What do they want to read about? How can you simplify information about your products and services? How can you make the people reading your blogs on social media feel familiar and comfortable with your business?

Lastly, marketing on social media works hand in hand with Google. If your company uses social media as a marketing tool, Google will rank you higher, meaning that your business is more likely to appear on page 1 when people search for the products/services that you provide! This is the number one advantage of marketing on social media!

Marketing on social media guarantees your business maximum exposure and increases your chances of achieving a large amount of client loyalty.

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