SEO is not just a strategy, it’s an art. And, just like most other art forms, it cannot be learnt or perfected over night. SEO requires skill, patience and plenty of dedication. If you want to improve your Google ranking, you must be willing and able to work for it! Here are a few tips for you:

  • Do your keyword research carefully: Keywords are the heart and soul of any great SEO strategy, so it is imperative that you not only select the right keywords, but that you get the density correctly as well. If you want to improve your Google ranking faster, do not opt for the most popular keywords. Instead, choose to make use of the keywords just below the most popular ones. In doing so, you will have less competition and therefore you will be able to rank faster, and yet you will still be able to enjoy a drastically improved number website hits. In terms of keyword density, you want to keep it at about 8%. Many people think that the more keywords you squeeze into your content, the better. This, however, is simply not the case. Having too many keywords is just as detrimental as having too few keywords.
  • Be sure to link your articles: Links are an imperative part of any SEO strategy. Linking is necessary not only for your actual website content, but on other sites as well. In order to improve your Google ranking, the more links to and from your company website, the better. However, make sure that all of your links are ‘good’ links – i.e. they must be links from good quality websites that are relevant to your company website and/or products and services.
  • Avoid using Flash: Google does not recognise Flash and so it is definitely best to avoid it. Although it may look, erm, ‘flashy’, it does you no favours in terms of the Google ranking department.
  • Write creatively and often: Although SEO may give you a better Google ranking and will make it easier for you to encourage more people to visit your website, if you cannot keep those visitors interested, you may just as well have forgotten about SEO completely. Do not write spam content full of keywords and do not continue to re-post old articles simply for their SEO value. Your potential clients will not appreciate this and will definitely not be likely to stick around long enough to find out what you actually have to offer them. By posting new, informative and engaging content on a regular basis, you will be able to attract potential clients with SEO techniques AND keep them on your website for a longer period of time.

If you are wondering how to improve your Google ranking faster and more efficiently, you may want to enlist the assistance of the professionals. Be sure to call on the experts here at Ipcoweb in order to rank higher, faster and more easily than ever before!