SEO GuyGet yourself at the top of the Google ranking page today! How do certain companies magically end up on page one on Google? We are here to tell you! Because, or course, there is no magic involved in getting to the top of the Google ranking page – it is just, truth be told, clever marketing.

The Internet – or the WWW – has become a mass marketing phenomenon in the last two decades, and with good reason. Where else would a small to medium business be able to complete with other, much bigger businesses on a mass media platform? The Internet certainly holds a barrel full of marketing opportunities for your business. Unfortunately, it is also so that competition on the Internet is ever-increasing, with the Google ranking page being a prime example of this. Bigger companies are, once again, starting to dominate, but this need not necessarily be the case. That is right, you can get your business seen! How so?

The answer is simple: SEO Marketing, that is, Search Engine Optimisation. In simplest terms, SEO is about getting on the Google ranking page, so that your website may be seen by potential clients searching for the products and services that you offer. Your website should not only be something potential clients are referred to through other marketing efforts – such as via word of mouth or directory searches – it should actually be a platform for getting your business’ name out there. In this way, your website actually works for you in directing new potential clients to your business. That is easier said than done, we hear you say. It is indeed quite difficult to get your website noticed between all the other sites on the information highway that is the World Wide Web. Being placed at the top of the Google ranking page should certainly do the trick and that, dear reader, is where we come in.

What is it that we do exactly? We, here at Ipcoweb, will help you get your business out there, so to speak. Our motto is ‘It’s not who you know, it’s who knows of you’ and we make it our business to, basically, get your business on the top Google ranking page. In this way customers using Google to search for products or services, which is basically every person who knows how to use the Internet, will know of your business.

These are our top tips, and the crux of what we will help you to do:

  • The major Internet search engines are constantly improving their tracker algorithms to favour quality content pages focused on SEO keywords. We will source the appropriate keywords, based on what it is your business does.
  • Google trackers read text and ignore graphics, so forget that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and focus on text in your Internet marketing strategy. Again, this is what we do best!
  • In addition, to get your website indexed regularly, keep adding new SEO keyword-rich text articles. Google ranking pages are constantly changing, so to get up there, you need to be on the ball – almost literally.


To find out more about us and what it is we – here at Ipcoweb – can do for you, please do get in touch with us today!