SEO SantaIs Internet marketing is game of luck and clever guesswork? The answer is no, absolutely not! Welcome, and if you have a moment, we would love to tell you all about Internet marketing.

Firstly, what is Internet marketing? What do Internet marketing activities comprise of? Internet marketing, in simplest terms, refers to marketing and advertising activities centred on the mass medium that is the Internet. This seems pretty straight forward. However, this goes far beyond what most people consider to be ‘the Internet’ and ‘advertising’ respectively. The Internet comprises the World Wide Web and e-Mail, not just the WWW (which is what most people consider to be ‘the Internet’). Thus, it stands to reason then, that comprehensive Internet marketing would have to make use of both the WWW and e-mail marketing, as well as other new media technologies – such as text message marketing. ‘Advertising’ in turn, that is an integrated marketing campaign, is much more than e-mail newsletters and banners, pop-ups or sponsored links.

The Internet has become a mass marketing phenomenon in the last two decades, and with good reason. Internet marketing is more affordable, can reach a wider audience and allows greater feedback than any other form of mass media marketing, from television to magazines and everything in between. Where else would a small to medium business be able to complete with other, much bigger businesses on a mass media platform? Likewise, what other mass medium allows one to connect with one’s audience/potential clients on such a level and engage in such exchange?

The Internet certainly holds a vast number of marketing opportunities for your business. In fact, the Internet is an almost inexhaustible platform for marketing your business, if you utilise it correctly.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not utilise it correctly, especially in the South African context where Internet marketing has not taken off to the extent that it has elsewhere. It is also so that competition on the Internet is ever-increasing, with the Google ranking and searches being a prime example of this. Bigger companies are once again starting to dominate, leaving smaller businesses with little room to manoeuvre in what could potentially have been a level playing field.

The truth of the matter is, money talks, and there will always be advertising space available on the Internet for companies who are willing  to pay. However, the beauty of Internet marketing is that the Internet – being the wonderfully non-linear mass medium that it is – allows fair competition, if one is able to employ clever Internet marketing techniques. That is right, you can get your business seen, and you can do so without breaking the bank.

So, what then does Internet marketing entail? How can one get one’s business seen on the Internet? We have the answers for you, simply check out our comprehensive website today.

For a truly effective social campaign, a brand needs to embrace the first principles of marketing, which involves brand definition and consistent storytelling.

Simon Mainwaring