SEO And Magnifying glassOld school marketing techniques are SO last century. Nowadays, in order to get your business or company noticed, you need to focus on your online marketing strategy. Improving your web page ranking is the order of the day but, in a technological world that is always changing, how does one keep up with the latest and greatest online marketing trends? Here are a few tips regarding how YOU can improve your web page ranking and climb the rungs towards progressive success:

  • Content: Your number one focus when it comes to improving your web page ranking should be on the quality and the relevancy of your content. The key to a higher ranking is to post keyword rich content that is relevant to the products or services that you specialise in and that is informative and interesting to read. You need to impress those who have chosen to visit your website from the very start. In order to retain the attention and respect of your readers, you need to make sure that the content you post is not spam content. This will not impress your potential clients and it will definitely not impress search engine websites like Google.
  • Regular Postings: Writing great content should be a continuous aspect of online marketing strategy. It is not good enough to post one round of amazing content. You need to make this a regular occurrence in order to remain relevant in the eyes of Google. However, do not post boring content simply for the sake of posting regularly. Choose your content wisely and be sure to write content that you are proud of.
  • Link Building: A big part of improving your web page ranking lies in your ability to prove to Google that your website is worthy of a high ranking. How do you do this? Besides doing it directly in the form of producing and posting quality content, you need to make your website link-worthy as well. In short, you need to ensure that other reputable websites link back to your website. This process is called link building and is imperative to any online marketing technique. Each link that is created back to your website, acts as a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google. Because of this, you need to make sure that these back links come from reputable websites as websites that are not reputable will count against you in terms of SEO and web page ranking.

According to, “Focus on creating relevant links within the text. Instead of having “click here” links, try writing out the name of the destination. “Click here” has no search engine value beyond the attached URL, whereas “Michigan Tech Enterprise Program” is rich with keywords and will improve your search engine rankings as well as the ranking of the page that you are linking to.”

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