If you are new to the world of internet marketing, SEO and social media, we at Ipcoweb can lend a helping hand. We want to educate South African business owners all about the diverse opportunities that are available with regard to the world wide web. If you have yet to embrace this new and exciting technological revolution, here are a few tops tips that will make it possible for you to begin:

  • Embrace social media: social media is a big part of any successful internet marketing strategy and makes it possible for you to communicate directly with your already existing client base, as well as with your potential clients.
  • Be sure to network: the aim of internet marketing is to build legitimate relationships with everyone involved with your business. This includes relationships with clients, suppliers, business associates etc. LinkedIn is a great social media website that allows for this sort of networking.
  • Concentrate on your SEO: SEO, or search engine optimisation, is an internet marketing technique that can take your business from zero to hero! It is all about tailoring your website content by adding researched keywords so that you can rank higher with regard to search engine search results. It is a fact that the majority of people researching a product or service, using sites like Google, will click on one of the websites represented on the first page. Therefore a higher ranking automatically equals a better chance of increasing profits.
  • Write compelling content: High quality content is another essential part of any successful internet marketing strategy. Although many people believe that it is only the use of keywords that counts when it comes to SEO, this is simply not the case. Stick to a keyword density of about 8% and write original, relevant and exciting content and you will be sure to make the most of your company website’s internet marketing potential.
    Build links: inbound links to your company website are very important with regard to SEO and internet marketing. Each inbound link acts as a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google. To start link building, ask the other companies affiliated with your business to link back to your website, and tell them that you will do the same for them.
  • Register your company with an online directory: Remember the ‘Yellow Pages’? Whenever you were looking for a particular type of business or company, you would pick up this mammoth book and sift through it until you found what you were looking for. Online directories work in the same way – expect for the fact that they are online, allowing for a greater reach for any business. Online directories are generally very affordable and are definitely worth it. Potential clients will come looking for YOU… not the other way around!

For more information about internet marketing in South Africa, be sure to join the next FREE Ipcoweb workshop. We guarantee that you will learn a thing or two! Alternatively, you can give us a call to learn more about our range of internet marketing services.