Internet marketing is not just about registering your business on online directories or ensuring that you have taken SEO into account when adding new content to your personal website. It is also about taking advantage of the many opportunities that social media websites provide you with. By starting a company profile on these websites, you are automatically taking a huge step towards greatness!

Social media websites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, provide you with plenty of chances to promote your business to potential clients, as well as to interact with your already existing client base. Before the existence of internet marketing and social media, companies all over the world had to operate ‘blindly’ and find out over a long period of time whether or not their marketing strategies were working. Hours and hours of market research was required in order to get an idea of what the target audience was thinking. Nowadays, however, you have all of this vital information right at your fingertips – literally! Internet marketing and social media provides you with the opportunity to speak directly to your client base – and have them speak back! When you make use of social media websites, you will be able to read compliments and complaints and, in turn, will be able to see where and how your business can be improved. This is truly priceless and can mean the difference between business success and failure!

Here’s our Internet Marketing Top Tips

Now that you understand the benefits of making use of social media and internet marketing, let us take a look at some top tips:

  • Always encourage customer/client interaction: do not simply ramble on about specials etc., engage your audience and ask them for their opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings. This will help you to develop a relationship with your clients and will help you to secure more customer loyalty over time.
  • Keep updates interesting: even if your business or company is very technical, do not bore your followers with excessive technical updates. Keep things easy to read and exciting. Also, every now and again, post something about current events, popular culture etc. People are interested in these things and will be sure to engage more with you because of it.
  • Include all of your important business information on your social media pages: what good is it promoting your business online if people who are interested cannot contact or visit you? Make sure that you provide all essential information including phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses.
  • Make use of photos and videos where applicable: people are naturally visual creatures and, because of this, they will be more likely to read an update that has been embellished with interesting photographs or videos. Grab and hold their attention!
  • Always reply: if one of your customers/potential customers speaks to you on one of your social media pages, make it a top priority to get back to them! This shows general business courtesy and professionalism.

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