Nowadays, there are so many different ways to market a business. This includes using the internet as a marketing tool. But why is this way the BEST way? Let us find out…

Pre Internet Marketing…

Before we address the internet as a marketing tool, let us begin by taking a quick look at a few other popular marketing techniques and establish why their advertising value is no longer what it used to be:

  • Flyers: Flyers are a cheap and easy way in which to get your business noticed, right? WRONG. Think about it: how many times have you actually READ a flyer that has been given to you? How many times have you thrown one away the first chance you got, or haphazardly thrown it to the floor of your car? How many times have you actually taken a number off of a flyer? Not many, we’re sure. Although flyers may seem like a good idea at first, looking at the bigger picture, they really have very little impact. Plus, they can only reach a few people in your local area, rather than people from all over the country.
  • TV ads: Although TV ads are expensive, they have a much broader reach and are therefore a great advertising technique, right? WRONG. Who sits through TV ads anymore? People have PVRs and fast forward through all the ads they come across at lightning speed. Unless your ad is REALLY amazing, the people who actually do see it are probably not paying much attention anyway. In short, TV ads are not worth the money and, these days, simply will not offer the amount of returns that you are expecting.
  • Radio Ads: Radio ads are a cheaper alternative to TV ads, however, they are still heard by hundreds of people thus making them a great choice for marketing, right? WRONG. People are visual creatures. With radio, unless there is an amazing tune pumping or a fab conversation going, people really do not listen much. How many times have YOU taken down a number or remembered a business after hearing about them on a radio ad? We rest our case.
  • Billboards: Billboards are relatively affordable and incredibly eye-catching which is why they are a fantastic part of any marketing strategy, right? WRONG. People are driving and focusing on the road ahead of them. Who actually has time to read or analyse a billboard poster?

As you can see, many of the so-called ‘fool proof’ marketing strategies are no longer relevant in today’s world. Using the internet as a marketing tool, however, will always put you miles ahead of the pack. This is because it is affordable, it reaches a larger audience, it provides you with the opportunity to interact with clients and potential clients AND it is seen by people from an array of backgrounds and with many different needs.

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