The Business of Social Media and Marketing on Twitter

Many people believe that social media is a platform for communication between friends, but the truth is that social media could be a huge opportunity for marketing your business- completely free of charge! The business of social media is constantly growing and is showing no evidence of slowing down. It makes sense to take advantage of the opportunities presented to us and opt for marketing on social media.

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Twitter is one of the web’s most dominant social media websites. Twitter’s short, concise, ‘straight to the point’ nature makes for easy marketing on social media. Here are a few tips regarding the business of social media marketing on Twitter:

  • Strategy for social media marketing on Twitter #1: Create a Twitter account dedicated solely to your business. Using your personal Twitter account for social media marketing is a good idea- in small doses. Having a Twitter account dedicated solely to your company means that you can focus purely on topics relating to the company itself.
  • Strategy for social media marketing on Twitter #2: Social media marketing is only effective if you are an active user of the social media site. Post regularly and post about topics relevant to your business- but don’t post too much. Excessive tweeting can sometimes annoy your followers. Find a happy medium and you will ensure happy followers and perhaps even attract a few new ones (who could be potential new clients).
  • Strategy for social media marketing on Twitter #3: Be pro-active. Don’t wait for your followers to talk to you, start a conversation with them first. The key to successful social media marketing is interacting with your existing clients as well as potential new clients. Ask questions, start healthy debates, join in relevant conversations- in short, let yourself and your company be heard.
  • Strategy for social media marketing on Twitter #4: Make sure that your Twitter bio is informative. A bio on Twitter is the very first thing that a potential follower sees. It should reflect the name of your business as well as the products and/or services that you offer.
  • Strategy for social media marketing on Twitter #5: Be personable. Twitter is an informal place for sharing ideas and communicating. Too much formality will make it difficult for clients and potential clients to relate to you and your company. Remember to find a happy medium- being too casual may discredit your business.
  • Strategy for social media marketing on Twitter #6: Use hashtags. Hashtags are your company’s best friend on Twitter. Hashtags allow you to tag a tweet so that when people are searching for specific topics, they will be able to locate your tweet easily.

Marketing on social media is much easier when you know what you are doing. If you have any queries regarding the business of social media and marketing, feel free to get in touch with Ipcoweb for advice.

Social Media Marketing is the Future

Social media marketing is the answer to maintaining and attracting new customers without actually having to pay a cent. If done correctly, social media marketing is more than likely to become your number one source of advertising- and your number one source of new client generation.

If you simply don’t have the time available to dedicate to social media marketing, then it may be time to call on a SEO company like Ipcoweb for assistance. We know all there is to know about the business of social media marketing and SEO. Contact us today to learn how we can help you! SEO and social media marketing is what we do best.

Author: Bianca Marie Delport


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