What exactly is Internet marketing or search engine optimization and how could that possibly relate to a journey of self-discovery? What I can do is relate my journey into the world of SEO, which began many years ago under the premises that I wanted to the website on page 1 of Google?

I had worked out that I would rule the world make billions of dollars and retire overnight by simply laying on position one of page 1 on Google, and all that was, and all it had to be, was a matter of getting the Google algorithm worked out. I figured there had to be a rulebook somewhere, somewhere on the web; there was a way that people would give you a systematic guide on how you can build a website that would rank on page 1 of Google. You will now make millions and millions of dollars from the money your website generates for you.

What a load of bull! If you have been in the industry for a while, you will notice a lot more to it than that! If you lead the industry, do not be fooled, many people out there are going to send you all sorts of hocus-pocus tricks that guarantees page one rankings. If Google cannot guarantee a page 1 ranking, how are companies that do not own the Google algorithm guaranteeing that?

Search engine marketing, search engine optimization and Internet marketing is really a self-discovery journey on your business. How are you as an entrepreneur going to grow over time? Are you okay to learn about your business? How you are going to learn what people think you sell? How can you learn about what you sell?

People start a business with a view of becoming self-sufficient and financially free. Out of necessity, they need to feed the family and have to pay the bills. 80% of people fail at the start of the venture, mostly because they have never taken the time to figure out what it is they do and is there a market for them.

What makes the situation even worse is that people who want start a business think it’s cool and it’s easy, we now own a company, but before you go down this road of starting your own business, thinking that the Internet can make you rich and famous , consider what are you prepared to put in to make this a reality.

If you are not prepared to put in the sacrifices you’re probably going to be one of the 80% of people who have failed at starting their own business. There is a lot of hard work and sacrifice involved.

Working at an Internet marketing company, we have come across many small companies that feel they have the best mousetrap ever built and that they are going to be rich tomorrow, with no start up capital, no marketing plan, no idea on what they’re doing and have not even done basic keyword research on Google to find out if people are actually searching for the service.

Language is critical to any online marketing campaign, ranging from persuasive copywriting, sales copywriting and informative copywriting. Internet marketing or should we say search engine optimization , is a phrase that was coined back in 1994 before most people even knew what it was all about. However, the people who created search engine optimization already understood that as long as there was going to be Internet and as long as there was going to be search engines, there would be a need to provide information free of charge. Therefore, if search engines and internet are going to continue to exist for the near future then search marketing, search engine optimization and paid for advertising are all going to exist as well.

In order to make language work for you, you need to understand what questions you need to ask to get the correct answers. What is the question supposed to be and this is where a journey of self-discovery would begin into the world of Internet marketing. What makes search engine optimization and Internet marketing such a thrilling environment?

Have you considered:

Question one: Are you famous?

Question two: What you think you sell?

Question three: What is Joe public thinks you sell? 

If you take these three questions and know that over 70% of search phrases, have no exact match to the search phrase you could be on a winning wicket.

What we mean when we say you’re on a winning wicket. Well think about this, it means there is no competition from other people on the web who are competing for the search phrases that you have discovered your industry is searching for, then you should be dominating that space.

If you take this back to original marketing and sales we used to go knock on doors and visit people, build relationships and talk to them, we used to understand what they wanted and were able to provide a far better service.  Now however, we look at stats, figures, numbers and data, and we forget that people are still people, people still want a hug, people still crave touch and that is why they are so many dating sites in the world. If we didn’t want to touch, if we didn’t want to meet people and if we didn’t want to do business with people, well then there would be no social media, we could just use words, but we don’t.


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