As a small business, is digital marketing at the top of your priority list? Are you aware of the value of small business internet marketing in a corporate environment where standing out online is the key to success?

In fact, when it comes to standing out online and in search results, larger businesses often dominate the market. However, with effective small business internet marketing strategies you are given the power to have a relevant online presence among the vast sea of competitors.

SEO Tips

Here are some platforms and strategies for you to consider and potentially research further:

  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing strategy that can especially aid your small business with digital marketing, as it is aimed at improving the visibility of your site in search results for certain key words through content creation. Read more about it here.
  2. Display advertising: This includes web banner advertising and text ads.
  3. Website structure and content: Your website is in itself an advertisement and as such needs to convey what you need it to and be SEO-friendly. Simply having a website is a good start, but may not get you rankings and visits.
  4. Social media marketing: Being active and having a presence on social networks.
  5. Listing: This is often free and will assist customers in finding you. It includes local directories and even apps and services such as Google Places and MyTown.
  6. Paid advertising: Here you would compensate other sites for hosting an ad of yours by paying per click (PPC) or per thousand displays to site visitors. Small and large businesses benefit from each other’s visits, especially if you have a related product or service.
  7. Mobile marketing: Small business internet marketing is especially aimed at going the extra mile for visibility so that large corporate entities cannot dominate. If your efforts are not accessible from mobile devices you are losing out on a substantial chunk of the market.
  8. Blogging: This is another way to create relevant content that can aid with back links, good reviews and sharing your expertise with consumers.
  9. Conversion: This is about ensuring that when you start finally generating traffic to your site, it is not empty traffic—clicking and moving on. Boost conversion with online applications to mailing lists, a response request tab and a questions interface.
  10. Promotional marketing: Running promotions or competitions and prominently displaying them online, especially to younger target audiences who can win something on social networks, can boost traffic and your image.

Together these form a comprehensive approach to your small business internet marketing. The wonderful thing about the internet is that the benefits are not limited to large businesses. Even with limited resources and funds, any business can rank on Google and promote on all platforms—big or small.

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows of you. 


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