Being able to understand the internet can be one of the hardest things in the entire world. Countless people have tried and most have only come out understanding just a few of the elements. Therefore, I will not try to tell you all about the internet in this article, because in my opinion it is impossible! What I will do, however, is tell you some great ideas and tips on how to create a great website and how to get your website seen on the top search engines out there!

How to move forward with your digital marketing:

All right, let us get started with step one; this applies for people who do not have a website:

  1. Before you even start building your website, you have to create it in your mind – What it will look like from top to bottom – Colors, menu tabs, style, layout, fonts, images, content and who your target audience will be. Once you have done this you can then go to the appropriate person to create a scamp (a scamp is a Photoshop file that looks like what your website will look like), once the scamp has been created and you approve it, you will be able to get started on what will represent your company – your website!

Step two are for those who now have a website or who had one all along but needs to better their rankings on google and attract more customers! In order to improve rankings on your website you need to know two main topics:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This is a procedure, which can take a lot of time and patience to achieve, as it does not happen at the snap of your fingers. SEO is all about creating fresh and constant content and updating your site to get you seen and recognized on Google. Another great way to boost your visibility on the internet is to create what I call a microsite: This is a mini version or a mirror image of your main website, and what this does is stand as your content site and link to your main website. Once this is done it will not only boost the content for your site but it will boost the rankings as well – Once your rankings improve, your visibility improves and therefore more people will see your site and go on to it! SEO on its own is one of the hardest concepts to understand in detail, as it is a process that never stops changing!
  2. PPC (Pay per Click): Created in 1996 by a department in Packard Bell, PPC is a simple concept: It is an advertising technique, which is used to direct traffic to your website by paying every time the ad is clicked. PPC is a quick and almost immediate concept, however there are downsides to it, such as the fact that when your money runs out, your ad disappears.There are two main types of PPC, namely:
    1. Flat rate PPC: This is a fixed amount that you pay for every click.
    2. Bid based PPC: Your competitors and yourself will compete against each other to bid for the prices of what you would be paying for these clicks.

Many people think you need to do one or the other to rank, but did you know if you use both of these concepts combined, you will manage to boost your rankings, get the traffic your require and better your company and its site as well.


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