Yes, the world wide web is a complex and ever changing place. Yes, learning how to use the internet as a marketing tool is not an easy task. Yes, it does take plenty of time and patience. However, it is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY WORTH IT. Here’s why:

  • Many people use the internet (10 million use it in South Africa alone) which means that you will be able to reach more people all over when opting to make use of an online marketing strategy.
  • Internet marketing is more affordable than any other marketing technique. In fact, for many aspects of internet marketing, you will not have to pay a cent. This includes SEO, blogging, social media marketing etc.
  • Customers will come looking for YOU. Ever since the dawn of the business world, business owners have been clamouring to get the attention of potential clients. However, when using the internet as a marketing tool, your potential clients will come searching for YOU instead. It is only your job to ensure that these potential clients will be able to find YOU before they find your competition.
  • You can communicate directly with your clients and/or potential clients. Social media marketing as become a big part of using the internet as a marketing tool. Social media websites allow potential clients and already existing clients to speak directly to you with regard to their thoughts, ideas, compliments and complaints. It has never been easier to do market research and to find ways of improving your business or company further!

So, how does one actually use the internet as a marketing tool? One way is to make use of SEO techniques. When it comes to efficient SEO, Google looks for the following:

  • Fresh and original content that is easy to read and that offers relevant information.
  • Content that is free of spam and black hat SEO techniques.
  • Content that is so interesting, people want to share with those they know.
  • Content that is of great quality and that can gain popularity naturally.
  • Content that has been written with care and without over-optimising keywords.

Another way that one can use the internet as a marketing tool is through blogging and social media. Keep in touch with your followers on a regular basis and be sure to make an active profile for your company on every social media website that you can properly manage. Always make sure that you post interesting and informative updates and also be sure to reply to any customers/potential customers who may engage with you along the way.

For more information about using the internet as a marketing tool, you can get in touch with the SEO experts here at Ipcoweb. We also host free online marketing websites on a regular basis, so always keep your eyes and ears open for details about those! You will definitely learn a thing or two that will help you to transform your website further…