Although content is the most important part of any SEO strategy, building links that link back to your company website is just as essential. If you wish to improve your web page ranking faster, link generation is the way to do it. But what is link generation/link building? Here is a general summary of how it all works.

Meet John. John owns an art supplies store. He has recently created a website for his business and wants to improve his web page ranking on Google. He knows that he needs to build his reputation within the World Wide Web in order to successfully do this. He also knows that link building is a great way to get started. John has been told that, in order to generate links to his company website, he needs to create these links himself AND convince others to assist him. By visiting art forums, art social media pages etc., he interacts with the public and posts links to his business. He also contacts all those associated with his art supplies store and asks them to post a link on their website that will link back to his. He tells them that he will do the same for their website. John’s suppliers, business associates and clients post links for him. Google notices quite quickly that John’s art supplies website has a lot of recognition online and sees each link as a vote of confidence. Because of this, Google is convinced that John’s business is a reputable one and thus increases his web page ranking. And it is as simple as that.

Why us SEO important

Would you visit a store if you had only ever heard negative things about it? Probably not. Would you visit a store if nobody in the area had ever even heard of it? Unless you were really curious, or unless the store was new, probably not. Would you visit a store if everyone was telling you how great it is? We think so! Well, this is exactly how Google operates. If people are talking about you and if other reputable websites are vouching for your website and business quality, Google will automatically improve your web page rankingTherefore, before you can even begin to climb the ranks of Google, you need to prove to Google that you are worthy of that acknowledgement. You need to make sure that you are noticed. By writing amazing content (that is keyword rich (8%)), by engaging with others in forums and on social media networks, and by generating quality links to your website, you will be able to do exactly that.

Here at Ipcoweb, it is our main aim to help businesses of all types and sizes to become more active within the realm of the World Wide Web. Online marketing can produce so many new opportunities for you to grasp with both hands, helping your business to reach its true potential faster than ever before. if you would like to learn more, be sure to contact us or to visit one of our FREE GOOGLE WORKSHOPS!


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